Sevan Auto Parts, 18700 Us Rte 23 N, Circleville, OH 43113. 740-420-9999

Where do the used parts come from?
Our used auto parts come from cars that we purchased from insurance auctions, dealerships, garages, or the public. We only purchase quality late model vehicles.

Can you locate parts?
Yes, our parts locator can search for parts locally and nationwide that we don't currently have in stock.

What is a Core charge?
A "core" charge is the amount that a yard charges the customer to return the old part back to them so it can be recycled. If you buy an item from our eBay store, or if we are shipping/freighting the part, we will waive the core charge.

Do you deliver?
Yes we do deliver to businesses, for orders under $100 there is a$10 delivery charge. We have a drop-off location in Columbus for our retail customer’s convenience.

Which side is the left side/right side?
For our purposes, assume that you are sitting in the vehicle. The Left is the driver side and the Right is the passenger side.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with parts?
In the unlikely event, call our toll free number 877-420-9522 Have your invoice handy, we may need some information. Explain the situation to our sales person and we will get you the help that you need right away. Please do not remove the parts from your vehicle until you have spoken with one of our representatives. Please check your invoice terms as well.

Is it possible for me to remove my own parts?
Sevan Auto is a full service yard, where the vehicles are dismantled and parts are warehoused, so most of the parts you need are already pulled, ready for you to purchase.

Can you explain shipping and handling charges?
Shipping and handling are usually quoted with the price of the part. If you are unsure, please ask your salesperson.

Our shipping is typically UPS Ground or USPS. We prefer not to ship overnight as the prices can be very high. For parts too large for UPS or other standard delivery means, we ship by commercial freight truck. The price quoted for delivery of these larger items is based on delivery to a business address. For delivery to a residential address a lift gate is required, which is an additional fee. The estimated time required for delivery is based on weekday deliveries. If a used auto part is in route on a weekend, additional time will be required to get the part to you.

Why I might need to refer to the VIN number?
The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number contains a code that includes vital information on your particular car. It may be necessary to review this code to assure that you get the correct transmission or engine as well as ECU computer or other component. You can find this number on the title or on a riveted tag on the dash near the defroster vent in front of the driver. We may also need the date of manufacture. It usually is in the upper right corner of the tag on the driver door jam.

Is the labor covered under your warranty?
Please see our warranty page.

How long will it take for me to receive an answer on my "internet request"?
Generally, it takes approximately 24 hours to receive an answer on your request. On the weekends it may take a bit longer, sometimes until Monday. Although we do try to answer all internet questions within the hour.

Who pays the freight costs on used auto parts that are returned?
See invoice terms on our warranty page.

What if my part is damaged in shipping?
You must sign for the shipment as "received damaged". As the carrier is responsible for the used auto part if you sign for it as DAMAGED. After signing for and receiving the damaged part, contact us by phone to start the damage claim and part replacement process. We will instruct you on the procedure. Please take a photograph of the package if you have a camera. Do not dispose of the packing material. Sometimes it is needed to show the carrier that the package was mis-handled.

What does Interchange mean?
Our database includes a system that matches your request with all possible identical parts. For example, several Chevrolet’s may have the same starter or other component. Also the used parts that you need may span several model years. The system is very reliable. Please be as accurate as you can when you fill in the search information fields. If you are unsure, call us during business hours and we will be happy to help.