Conditions of Sale

Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. warranties all mechanical parts for a period of 90 days subject to the terms
and conditions set forth below. Consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.
Mechanical parts not needed may be returned within 30 days of the original date of purchase, with original sales invoice. 20% restocking fee is applied when applicable, including customer cancellation. Shipping, freight, and delivery fees are non-refundable. Parts must have Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. markings and stock number. Warranties on all parts except body panels, tires, interior parts, glass, or cuts-these are sold AS IS.

No refunds on deposits or ordered in parts. All delivery times on ordered in parts are estimates – no
reimbursement for delay, labor, mileage, or any additional cost from installing purchased part. All warranties start from the date on the original invoice, and applies to the original purchaser of the part as long as the part remains installed on the vehicle for which it was originally purchased. This warranty is not transferable or assignable. The buyer is responsible for all freight charges, no exceptions. Parts ordered in from other yards/vendors come with warranty from that yard. All warranties are void if part is dismantled or damaged in any way. All claims must be accompanied by the part and original sales receipt. Defects must be verified and all work authorized by Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. Part warranty starts from the date on the first original invoice. Parts must be installed by ASE certified mechanic for warranty to be valid. Warranty is void if parts are used for any non-stock application such as racing, commercial use, towing, etc, dismantling part for any reason without permission of Sevan Auto Parts, Inc.., improper use or installation, abuse (including but not limited to overheating – melting or removal of heat tabs, or low oil) neglect, or installation by any mechanic other than ASE certified. Labor costs are excluded from the Silver and Gold warranty. If 1 year Gold (parts only) or Gold Plus (parts & labor) warranty is purchased it must be listed on the invoice. Labor charges are not covered unless Gold Plus warranty is purchased and listed on the invoice. All labor warranties are limited installation only warranty. Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. will pay a flat rate of $65 hour, up to $500. The labor time will be for R&R of the assembly only and will not include labor for any other procedures. All work must be approved in advance. Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. reserves the right to either repair/replace or refund in full. Seals, gaskets, filters, and fluids must be replaced for warranty to be valid. Item values may change based upon market conditions and availability, therefore warranty replacement items are limited up to and not to exceed the original purchase price of the item being replaced. Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. may repair or replace the part(s) or refund the original purchase price. Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. does not assume responsibility or liability for towing charges, rental vehicle use or charges, lay-up time, loss due to down time, cost of meals or lodging, cost of seals, oil, coolant, and gaskets or any other expenses incurred to install or un-install a part.

Sevan Auto Parts, Inc. warranty covers the internal parts of its engines to be free of defects for 90 days from the date of sale (unless Gold or Gold Plus warranty purchased, or otherwise noted/no warranty on parts with over 150k mileage unless pre-approved). Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, water pump, clutch, wiring, thermostat, sensors, hoses, belts, lines, seals, gaskets, freeze plugs, injectors, spark plugs, fuel components, and oil filters are not guaranteed or warrantied. Parts such as studs, pins, gears, nuts, bolts, etc. are not guaranteed.

90 day warranty on transmissions, (unless Gold or Gold Plus warranty purchased, otherwise noted/no
warranty on parts with over 150k miles unless pre-approved). No warranty on seals, gaskets, or electronic
components causing transmission failure. Transmission must have new filter and fluid installed to factory
specifications for warranty to be valid. Proof of proper installation must be provided. Failure to properly
service, flush, and flow test the system will void warranty. Manual shift transmissions must have new clutch
installed for warranty to be valid.

Axle Assemblies - warranty applies to the gear set, the housing, and the axle shafts. Brakes and brake
hardware are not covered by this warranty. Carrier Assemblies – warranty applies to gears and housing
only. Transfer cases – warranty from defects. All seals must be replaced for warranty to be valid.

Warranty is void on AC compressors if system is not installed and serviced to original specifications. Proof of
replacement of necessary system components is required for warranty to be valid. Non-factory installations are not warranted. Cost of refrigerant is not covered. Check for system blockage – restrictions cause heat which causes compressors to fail.

All cores must be returned in 30 days from the date of purchase, and is the responsibility of the purchaser.

All core items must be drained, assembled, and of the same make, model, and part type as the part